Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami and her BFF Makena Njeri photo

Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami commemorated her 37 birthday with a message that caused mixed reactions online.

Michelle’s BFF Makena Njeri took to social media to dedicate her with a gratifying message.

In the post, Makena shared photos of them while having their good moments and hoped that this coming year will be extraordinary to their relationship.
Makena further thanked Michelle for the days she has held her hand while she is down.

This is what Makena’s birthday message to Michelle was;

Michelle it’s always so easy and equally so difficult to interpret our beautiful instants because only you and I would ever get it! You are such a constant in my life, a beautiful friend, a relentless supporter and a strong believer in me.

Every time I think about all the wonderful moments with you I light up and sometimes knock my head on the wall because we have seen it all. (Anyway, the book is about to be published so they will see it all there someday).

Today yet again another beautiful day, another special moment is given to us by God and the universe to celebrate you and I do it with all the love. 

The last couple of years together have been memorable and I do not doubt in my heart that this new year will only bring more laughter, adventure, more beautiful memories and even bigger wins.

Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami and her BFF Makena Njeri photo

Thank you for the days you have held me down and for this reason, I shine a light on you on your beautiful day because you will forever have a special place in my heart. 

Through you, many have risen and because of you, many people have found the courage to stand up for what they believe in BOLDLY. Only legends get this kind of recognition so you are a legend and I celebrate you today and forevermore.

I thank God I am alive despite the numerous attempts you have made to try to kill me with the funniest stories, and all those late nights putting in work even when I didn’t want to.

Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami and her BFF Makena Njeri photo

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