Gospel Singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone photo

Gospel Singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone is yet nursing wounds from likely invasion by blogger Robert Alai. 

On Thursday morning, Ringtone appeared at the Kibera Law courts aboard an ambulance for the case.

Lying on a stretcher inside the ambulance, Ringtone was getting medical attention as he led the way to court. 

"Mimi naumwa(I am in pain) my body is not OK. I was not ill and I did not wrong Robert Alai. But he just decided to attack me," Ringtone Apoko whispered.

Talking to the press at the Kibera Law Courts, the Pamela hitmaker said that he wants justice fulfilled to prevent other motorists from enduring the same uncertainty. 

"I want to tell the Inspector General of Police that Kenya is a country that is guarded by law. If tomorrow I attack someone, let the law be applied. I don't know why my case is slowing. I want to tell Kenyans not to lose hope. I still believe Kenya is a law-abiding country," he said.

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