Bongo artist Harmonize alias Konde Boy photo

Prominent Bongo artist Harmonize alias Konde Boy, is desperately attempting to move on after separating with Fridah Kajala, the outstanding Tanzanian actress.

Kajala ditched Harmonize after she found out that he was intimately eyeing his beautiful daughter, Paula.

When Harmonize and Kajala were dating, he was diving and swimming in love to a length of tattooing her name on his neck with the letter K(representing the name Kajala).

Kajala also tattooed her neck with the letter H (Harmonize) to exemplify her bae's name.

Harmonize now strives to cover his ex-lover’s tattoo after they had a chaotic breakup that was widely communicated on social media.

He altered his ex-lover’s tattoo to ‘Konde’, his other name.

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