Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi at Chasimba funeral. PHOTO | FILE
Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi. FILE

The puzzle of Kilifi's Succession plan; Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi Kadhuwa sends Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa back to the Drawing Board over her bid to Kilifi County top post.

As incumbent Governor Amason Jefwa Kingi's second term comes to an end the question is who will fill the matrix of the succession plan; initially, pundits held the view that Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa or Former Malindi MP Gideon Mung'aro could succeed Kingi but out of the blue Jimmy Kahindi Kadhuwa a two-term Speaker of the Kilifi county Assembly has sent shock waves in Aisha's camp making her summon and deploy a battery of Bloggers to curtail Jimmy's rising Political popularity.

Kilifi social media pages, groups and all Political nooks and crannies have had breaking news of the man Jimmy who has in two weeks turned the Kilifi Political field upside down with Mung'aro made a forgotten case whilst Aisha and Owen-led camp puzzled at how the arithmetic is becoming hard to solve.

The move has forced Aisha and Owen to unleash guns of confrontation and aim the gun nozzle towards Jimmy while at the same time finding it difficult to man Jimmy who is slowly getting a grip on the Political field in Kilifi.

Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi at Chasimba funeral. PHOTO | FILE
Kilifi County Speaker and Gubernatorial aspirant Jimmy Kahindi

 During  Elder's coronation ceremony at Mzee Jogolo father to Jimmy's funeral in early May where Jimmy Kahindi Kadhuwa was coronated and given the Elders emblem; MP Aisha seemed confused at the whole event which was graced by Governor Amason Kingi as Elders from all fronts bequeathed Jimmy with the leadership mantle.

In addition, recent events at some funerals in both Chasimba and Mwanamwinga-Kinarani has confirmed the worries with Aisha having sent her loyalties to dig deep into Jimmy Kahindi's camp to confirm about his line-up plans that is his possible running mate, Women Rep and possible senator at the same time.

Aisha who is well known for her vulgar rhetorics against her opponents aimed the knife on Jimmy in Chasimba persuading him to go for the Senate position the same clarion call was made by Kilifi North MP Owen Baya in Mwanamwinga Kinarani where he spent more than thirty minutes digging deep into Jimmy's candidature and suggesting to him on seeking the Senatorial Speaker position and step down in favour of MP Aisha Jumwa.

 The fact we noticed from the recent events is that Aisha's camp has zoned out Jimmy as their potential opponent and they fear Jimmy's strategic abilities which saw him re-elected back to the Assembly chambers in 2017 this adds to the worries  Aisha's team is currently experiencing.

On the Kilifi largest social platforms bloggers allied to legislators' Aisha Jumwa and Owen Baya seem to have absconded their duties of promoting Aisha's agenda instead they have jointly embarked on writing home against Jimmy Kahindi. This stamps the fact that Aisha's camp is totally in total confusion.

According to close confidante of MP Aisha Jumwa and MP Owen Baya in the UDA camp his name withheld, said they have deployed a battery of bloggers to curtail Jimmy's fast rising political popularity. 

According to the sources, the UDA camp has resorted to online abuse, running Senate Speaker position propaganda while themselves have failed to secure prominent seats in UDA.

Aisha and Owen-led camp feel threatened by Jimmy's entrance into the gubernatorial race which has sent rival camps back to the drawing board with the latest information being the possibility of Aisha Jumwa pulling out of the race to defend her Malindi Parliamentary seat or convince Jimmy to step down with enticement of being lured with the Senate position.


This is validated by Aisha's remarks at a Chasimba funeral on Saturday and Owen's remarks at a Mwanamwinga funeral on Saturday over Jimmy's bid confirms the confusion in the UDA Kilifi camp.

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