Mrs Divinar Joseph and his kids photo
Mrs Divinar Joseph and his kids.

Mrs Divinar Joseph, a middle-aged woman who gave birth to quadruplets four years ago on Thursday, July 29 outraged Kenyans when she stated that she spent Ksh44,500 to purchase uniforms for her kids to join Kindergarten.

Mrs Divinar Joseph shared on her Facebook the receipt of the items she purchased which include; shirts, skirts, trousers, sweaters, fleece jackets, tracksuits, P.E Tshirts, socks, ties and P.E shorts.

The four babies are Lyanna, Lisa, Lara and Libby.

That was only for one item per girl, which means if the school will need a pair, then she will have to double the bill.

“In case you are feeling overwhelmed. Hope my uniform bill gives you hope. Hii receipt nimepewa niende nilale nayo kwanza,” she posted on social media.

Divinar explained that she had been homeschooling her kids saying it was cheaper than going to school.

According to Ministry of Education rules, she was forced to have her children taken to school after a directive that all CBC pupils must attend school in order to be issued by a Nemmis number.

“I am posting this so that some of you can stop complaining. This is the life of multiple parents in a nutshell,” she said.

Joseph said that she visited two schools in the locality and settled on one of the schools which most of her friends highly recommended.

The total fee for her first-born daughter is ksh50,000 and that of her quadruplets is ksh34,000 per girl.

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