Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi

Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi entrance to the gubernatorial race has confused the other camps. 

Political realignments across the board have been hit with a tribal card which could play a critical role in the upcoming polls. 

Being an administrator in the county assembly, Jimmy is considered to be a threat to the race. 

According to Political analysts, the county speaker has a vast knowledge in running public affairs as he has been at the helm of budget-making despite being a referee.

Political goodwill has been lacking across the county with the majority contesting with a business mind. 

Several chief officers and county ministers also hit the road for elective posts as they saw a loophole in enriching themselves.

" A good leader can be committed to the vision and goal of the people he leads. One who is waxed enthusiastic about the needs of the people,  be empathetic,  get focused to finding solutions to the challenges facing people," said an analyst.

" These qualities do not need making the loudest noise in burials and political podiums but sitting down and engaging strategies that will bring solutions to the perennial problems facing kilifians.

Kilifi County Speaker Jimmy Kahindi

" Hon Jimmy Kahindi has been in the front line overseeing the research and formulation of legislation that will make Kilifi a great county.

"It's time now we give him a chance to oversee the implementation of these county laws for the betterment of Kilifi, " an analyst added. 

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