Media personality and 2022 Langata MP aspirant Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o has denied statements that he is part of the cartels in the money laundering scheme "wash wash".

The cartel business has been growing exponentially every year and some of the top stars were cited in the con game.

The likes of Rapper Prezzo, businessman Allan Chesang, Somali Bae Alinur, former K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo was among celebrities named in the conglomerate.

Edgar Obare expose shaken the country with Kenyans calling out DCI for not doing his job even with public proficiency on the matter.

While tension piles upon the government to act, Jalang'o has alienated himself from the con game adding that he is a self-made businessman and naming some of his companies.

He said that the move is a crusade to discredit his hard work while instructing followers to hustle "until they call you a thief".

Talking of who is who in the wash wash game, he said that the entertainment industry is very small and therefore people meet and take pictures.

He said that taking pictures with the cons does not necessarily mean he is into the scam business but running legit outlets that pay taxes.

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