Hon. Jimmy Kahindi for Kilifi county gubernatorial seat. A new start and fresh start photo

The introduction of a new player in the gubernatorial race in Kilifi has caused shivers across different local camps. 

Promising the re-birth of the county, the Kilifi Speaker Jimmy Kahindi highlighted the key areas that could lead to a change.

Ward developmental committees

Advisory committees for each ward will be established to work with his government official to address development challenges and to provide monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects executed by his government through the area MCA under their jurisdiction. 

The benefits of of implementation of Ward Committee include;

  • Collective identifying and addressing community needs empowers citizens to be partners with the government in the development process and ensure that the government is devoting time and resources to the appropriate priority issues.
  • Establishing a space where all stakeholders can meet to discuss community priorities is conducive to an open and inclusive County that is more responsive to the needs of its citizens. 

Hon. Jimmy Kahindi for Kilifi county gubernatorial seat. A new start and fresh start photo

Elderly people support

After a series of policies from the national government that facilitate and caters for the aged stagger, the incoming county player promised to to cater and cement their needs.

The candidate promises to use the funds in his County to finance them through health insurance and other social security programs. 

He added that the overall goal is to provide an environment that recognizes, empowers, and facilitates Older Persons to participate in society and enjoy their rights, freedoms, and live-in dignity.

Some of the distinct objectives are to: 

a) Facilitate the provision of reasonable care and assistance to Older Persons by family and the state; 
b) Encourage collaboration and partnerships among key stakeholders for the effective execution of this idea; 
c) Encourage the participation of Older Persons in progress processes; 
d) Improve and enable Older Persons to pursue their personal development; 
e) Create a satisfactory environment that enables Older Persons to live in dignity; 
f) Defend the Older Persons from abuse.
The move comes after a series of elderly execution within the county that has raised eyebrows.


He insisted that education is the pillar of the county and will help in enforcing the growth of the county.

Tertiary College:

- Kilifi County government to ensure the County has enough colleges
-  Bursaries for college students 
- Kilifi County government to work with the central government to ensure that Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Kilifi admits a high number of local students
(h) University:
- Kilifi County government to make use of Pwani University as a strategic education partner
- Scholarships/bursaries to be increased for students.


Sports is critical and among the key aspects in talent development to the Kilifi County youths.

" Imagine, building a sports centre in Malindi.  Why Malindi someone might ask. Proximity to the Malindi airport. Teams would be travelling from around the country to Malindi play their matches and fly back to the homes easily," he said.

The second time speaker highlighted some of the aspects that could develop and expand the Sports Centre.

  • Ticket Sales
  • Hospitality Rooms within the Centre 
  • Private Hire Concerts & Other Events
  • Food and Drinks Sale
  • Among other revenue generation methods.
Hon. Jimmy Kahindi for Kilifi county gubernatorial seat. A new start and fresh start photo

The gubernatorial aspirant said that other items will be shared in bits as he has an absolute solution to the suffering of the Kilifi residents.  The mentioned areas include; Agriculture, ICT, Housing, mining among others.

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