Range Rover sport gifted to SK macharia
Range Rover sport gifted to SK macharia

Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia left a story on social media after he was gifted a brand new Range Rover for his 79th birthday on Monday, October 4 while not in the mood.

According to a video shared online, his wife Purity Gathoni took SK to the home parking area where the car was.

He was flanked by friends and family the two walked while singing birthday songs as they moved toward the multi-million SUV.

SK gift did not surprise Kenyans as compared to the family background.

However, many Kenyans on Twitter also glimpsed that the billionaire did not seem to be excited about the gift, only affording a smile as he entered the car.

“Unaskia vile SK Macharia ameuliza “nini hii” Yani ata haoni kama ni kitu kwake,” a fan shared on Twitter.

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