Eric Omondi video in a dress and make up for Warembo na Jimmy Wanjigi photo

Comedian Eric Omondi has comprehended the craft of bringing in people talk about him.

The President of comedy now has resorted to anything to trend for days.

Videos of Eric Omondi in a dress and makeup causes a stir on social media.

A few days ago, the comedian appeared with an eye-catching appearances at an event at a club on Kiambu Road on Saturday, September 26.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Omondi could be seen galloping shirtless on a horse alongside his sidekick Antonio the MC.

The comedian was encircled by heavily built men , who were also wearing petticoats, male skirts made from Scotland.

Well, Omondi shared a video with make up. His makeover transformation left tongues wagging.

"Warembo na Wanjigi! Lakini nakaa msupuu tuseme tu ukweli! Kwanza meno (Beautiful female supporters of Wanjigi. Truth be told, I look cute. My teeth are cute)."

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