Aziza, Huba actress Getrude Mwita alias Kibibi speaks over uncles' attempted rape
Aziza and Huba actress Getrude Mwita alias Kibibi photo

Aziza and Huba actress Getrude Mwita alias Kibibi who comes from Dar es salaam, Tanzania speaks out about her teenage life.

She was the lead actress of Aziza and production manager and aired on Citizen TV. She is among the celebrated actresses in the Huba Maisha magic bongo series.

She narrated how her uncle almost achieved raping her severally. At the time Kibibi was residing with her uncle and other relatives.

Kibibi narrated a circumstance in which she slipped away from her bad uncle. She narrated that one day he told her that he wanted to take her to the toilet to pee and that was when he tried to rape her.

Her sister identified Rehema saw the entire event. The uncle glimpsed Kibibi's sister and abstained from the horrible act. Rehema instantly left the house.

" There was also a time when another girl came to live with us and my uncle tried to rape her too.

Aziza and Huba actress Getrude Mwita alias Kibibi

" The girl was disturbed and we were running away. Local police officers found us, asked why they we were running at night," Kibibi said.

Kibibi spilt the beans in hope of getting help. She told the police that they were running away from their uncle who had attempted to rape the two of them. The police inquired if someone else had seen something and Kibibi remembered the one time her sister had walked in on them.

When they called the sister, she refuted everything and asked the police to bring the girls back home since they have been looking for them throughout.

The two of them were brought home and she again decided to report his uncle to her relatives. The uncle refuted the allegations and she was completely beaten for 'lying' and causing unfair acting. 

No one helped her. They would beat her at every little chance they got. Esther, who is Getrude's house help felt empathy for her and agreed to help the poor girl escape from her violent kin. She says the rest is history.

Getrude said she has since walked on but every time she recalls the ordeal and the injustice at the hands of the people she thought would defend her, she still feels hurt.

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