China ignites artificial sun photo

China has been developing its ‘artificial sun’ that is seven times hotter than the real one to generate environment friendly unlimited energy.

CHINA initiated its artificial sun, which was constructed to generate endless energy.

Experiential Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) tests are being accomplished at the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science research center to achieve even higher temperatures and extended durations.

According to local media Xinhua News Agency, scientists are laboring to enhance the EAST’s auxiliary heating system to make it more “hot” and “durable.”

Since 2006, scientists from all over the world have used the EAST to perform fusion-related examinations.

It was created by Chinese scientists.

To bring the artificial sun to life, more than 10,000 Chinese and foreign scientists worked together.

China ignites artificial sun photo

The EAST boils hydrogen isotopes into a plasma, mixing them together and releasing energy, at extremely high temperatures.

China has already spent around 6 billion yuan (£701 million) on the project.

The energy generates almost no radioactive waste and uses a small amount of fuel.

“We’ll start building our fusion reactor in five years and finish it in ten.”

"We’ll build the power generator after that, and we’ll start generating electricity around 2040,” Song Yuntao, deputy director of the Hefei Institute of Physical Science’s Institute of Plasma Physics, said.

When the custom-built fusion reactor ran for 101 seconds at 120 million degrees Celsius in June, it set a world record.

Our Sun reaches temperatures of around 15 million degrees Celsius in its core.

The “artificial sun” was first announced by Chinese researchers in November of 2018.

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