Eric Omondi hairstyles leave Kenyan ladies salivating
Eric Omondi’s hairstyles photo

Eric Omondi’s apparent change of hairstyles takes his fans by surprise. His December holiday hairstyle left fans questioning is he knows Sol's Chamano. 

As a prolific comedian, Eric hairstyles portray his lathery individuality. 

The comedian not only does the unique outfits hairstyle, but also cross-dresses better than some wives.

Eric Omondi’s hairstyles photo

His multiple change of hairstyles over the years have thrilled cybernaut on some occasions- where he does it within town?

His hairstyles are ever extraordinary and this time, he has quaked in various colors.

None could explain the exactly name of the hairstyle including himself.

In association to this, Eric has dropped a new video in the same hairstyle; compelling Jamaican Dancehall artist Konshens.
Eric Omondi’s hairstyles photo

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