P-Square reunion: Peter and Paul reveal the man behind their reunion
P-Square concert photos and videos

The long awaited P-Square concert happened on Saturday, December 25 at the popular Eko Convention Centre and it was a thrilling night.

Fans flocked to watch the brothers perform because the duo has been performing individually for over five after misunderstanding.

In one of the interviews, the brothers revealed that the move was backed by their friend who made their reunion possible.

Tony Elumelu is a Nigerian businessman and in the four and half years the singers were apart, he toiled tirelessly to give rise to them back again.

The brothers thanked him on stage and Paul repented for disappointing Tony in those years they were apart. Fans reaction left their mouths wide open.

Yem Bee said,

"The world begged them to stay together but their childish and selfish egos were bigger than the love, experience and oneness they shared and this makes their current comeback meaningless and void."

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