Socialite Shakila accuses Eric Omondi photo

Prominent Socialite Shakila uncoveres Eric Omondi for being a poor enthusiast and lazy in bed.
Shakila disclosed this on BNN Kenya while talking to the Tea Master Edgar Obare.

Shakila was reacting to one of Edgar’s students as they were arguing the reason Eric Omondi can attract so many Kanairo women.

The conversation came up when another learner shared a photo with Edgar indicating that Eric spent his 31st getting cosy with journalist Sophia Wanuna.

The photo spurred a discussion on the platform whereby some students were assured that Eric must be blessed in the suck.

Socialite Shakila accuses Eric Omondi photo

Shakila put off the allegations as she gave her summary of what it’s entirely happened that showed to be like an intimate with Eric Omondi. 

The socialite disclosed that Eric only has “5 weak thrusts” in him before he exhausts and goes to sleep. She indicated that pledges for later satisfaction are never fulfilled as he moves on from his exploits once he wakes up.

Socialite Shakila accuses Eric Omondi photo

When Edgar inquired if they have ever earned intimacy, Shakila reacted by noting that they have been together more than three times. The duo has some history, so it’s not that hard to think what Shakila is contending about the clown. 

Socialite Shakila accuses Eric Omondi photo

Eric has a long history with Shakila. She was a contestant on season one of the comedian's popular Wife Material program. 

Even though she did not win the scripted series, she was widely heeded as Eric's special because they spent so much time together.

Socialite Shakila accuses Eric Omondi photo

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