Speaker Jimmy Kahindi crash CAS Mung'aro's camp ahead of ODM nomination storm
Speaker Jimmy Kahindi with ODM chairman Hon. Teddy Mwambire photo

Sorrow hits CAS Gideon Mung'aro's camp after crying foul over the entrance of Speaker Jimmy in ODM.

The camp claims that ODM in Kilifi has given preferential treatment in the party. 

The team is crying claiming a foul play by the Speaker as the battle for the ticket intensifies.

Speaker Jimmy Kahindi sent packing the news that he had earlier joined Governor Amason Kingi-led Pamoja Alliance Africa (PAA). 

However, the county assembly boss added that the Kilifi people expected him to battle it out with other candidates in ODM for a sure and smooth August polls winning.

“I will go with what the people tell me. I also conduct my polls and I have discovered that ODM is the party to beat Kilifi. People should start to panic,” said Kahindi.

The Speaker added that it is a democratic right to meet and mingle with anyone anywhere and register any political party.

 “They have begun to panic even before I launch my campaigns... Raila is not personal property for some people to claim. I met him and we talked about issues of ODM,” he said. 

" I have not been in PAA. Those saying I'm in PAA let them find my name in the PAA registrar. My supporters had advised me to be with " BABA" Raila Odinga," he said on phone.

The Kilifi County ODM chairperson Teddy Mwambire rejected allegations that the ticket for any positions had been reserved for particular candidates.

“If you hear an individual crying foul because of panic of nomination exercise, advise him to enrol more members. If the nomination will have problems, we will repeat, even if it's four times, to get the best candidate,” he said.

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