American TV personality and comedian Steve Harvey

American TV personality and comedian Steve Harvey officially takes Kenyan internet spectacle Elsa Majimbo and will be under him, nevertheless of what it is, to as an her career.

Majimbo emerged on Harvey’s Facebook Watch show on Thursday, where he requested to give her his personal phone number for easy contact whenever she feels like she requires any kind of support.

“I'm going to adopt you as my niece, I will give you my phone number...I don’t care what you need, if you need anything, you need a place to go, you need some help, you need some advice, you wanna talk to somebody, you call me. I’m serious, and I don’t want to let anything happen to you,” Harvey stated.

Harvey said he was doing this because it has always been his dream to connect the two worlds between Africans and African-Americans, adding that every time he visits Africa, he has never felt like a minority.

“…it’s been one of my main goals to bridge the gap between Africa and African Americans. If you’ve never been you have to go, but you know what I love about it? It’s the first time in my life that I wake up in the morning and I’m not a minority,” said Harvey.

“Elsa you got an uncle in the United States, anytime you need something, Uncle Steve got you and I’m going to give you all the advice you want.”

Majimbo, during the interview, further revealed that her family members still do not think she is funny, adding that matter of factly she is the least funny person in her family.

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