You are a political dwarf, Natembeya notifies Wamalwa on Trans Nzoia gubernatorial race
Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natambeya photo

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natambeya calls his competitor race for Trans Nzoia governorship a political dwarf.

Natambeya notified Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa, who has also announced his interest in the Trans Nzoia governor’s seat, to scramble for Ward representative first.

“If we are looking at experience, I have 25 years, and you (Chris Wamalwa) has 10 years. If we have all decided that there is a problem in Trans Nzoia, then it will mean, because of my 25-year experience, I will contest for governor and you contest for MCA,” Natembeya said.

The Coordinator was talking during the launch of a health facility at St John’s Catholic Church in Sirende, Kiminini on Sunday.

Wamalwa wants to succeed Governor Patrick Khaemba on a Ford Kenya ticket, while George Natembeya is on the recently launched Democratic Action Party Kenya, related with Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa.

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