Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua with his wife Judy Nyawira

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua tells his colleagues that his wife Judy Nyawira is free to walk out of their marriage anytime she feels it's too much.

Mutua said there is no way he can entirely make his wife pleased ever.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the vlogger recited that his marriage life and what has made it prosper thus far.

The two have been in a relationship for seven years.

"The trust that's in that marriage is out of this world," he said.

"How we have scheduled for ourselves is not working for us. I advised her, 'Babe, the day it gets to a point and you think now this is it, do not feel remorseful to tell me you have attained the end.!"

Abel added that their is freedom, they never do what they have been asked to do.

The father of one said they decided to maintain their peace at all costs.

"There's no marriage that's precise. Once in a while, there will be cases, but when it gets to a point where it begins involving you health, then it is no."

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