Late President Daniel Arap Moi's grandson Collins Kibet Toroitich, 45, photo

Late President Daniel Arap Moi's grandson Collins Kibet Toroitich, 45, has been evicted from his houses owing to accumulating house rent arrears.

Kibet spoke to the court, Monday, February 7, 2022, that he was ousted last week and has been in the avenues since he cannot have the money for his family.

He told Justice Aggrey Muchelule that he has been eliminated from the supervision of the multi-billion shillings property left behind by his late father Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi.

The old rally driver's estate is presently supervised by Kibet's stepmother and half-brother, Sylvia Moi and Clint Kiprono.

Jonathan died without a formal will that demonstrated how his prosperity could be disseminated, which provoked brutal succession fighting.

Kibet alleges Sylvia and Clint of declining to provide for him despite being a dependant and biological son of Jonathan.

He is pursuing to have the court invalidate the certificate of authority over their father's estate that was received by Sylvia and Clint.

Late President Daniel Arap Moi's grandson Collins Kibet Toroitich, 45,

"The deceased's first house, where Collins comes from, is not being furnished for and is not among the officials. He was ousted from his house on Friday and is now on the streets. It is paining, contemplating the nature of the estate," Kibet’s lawyer Duncan Okatch told Justice Muchelule.

The lawyer wants his client enlisted as one of the managers of the property. 

"The estate is vigorously being dealt with although the grant for letters of leadership has not been substantiated. Funds are coming in (to the estate) and there is no accountability. He is the eldest son of the deceased," Okatch, said about Kibet.

"The co-administrators unlawfully endeavoured to disinherit the applicant out of his beneficial share in Jonathan's estate by deliberately eliminating him as a successor of the estate despite at all material times be aware that he is the eldest biological child of Jonathan and a bonafide dependant.

"We urge for urgency in the judgment of our application because he cannot provide for himself or his family. His wife and children cannot believe he is not getting a share. Let us make a provision for him like the others are getting," he added.


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