Niliongeza Makalio... Manzi wa Kibera explains about her Sh 7500 artificial big booty
Popular Kibra socialite Sheriffa Wambo photo Manzi wa Kibra

Popular Kibra socialite Sheriffa Wambo, also known as Manzi Wa Kibera,  reveals that her pals donated KSh 7,500 to enable her behind enlargement.

According to her, she had a tiny behind that did not attract men.

"I met with this one colleague of mine who told me I looked wonderful, but my behind was failing me since it was small. So I had to do everything to look good all-around to be desirable," she said.

Manzi Wa Kibera recited that friends requested to enable her to solve the problem by introducing her to specific pills to enlarge her behind.

Popular Kibra socialite Sheriffa Wambo Manzi wa Kibra

"Because I could not have the money for surgery, I just went for the pills, which cost KSh 7,500 after every three days," Wambo added.

The socialite boldly said she is not embarrassed about telling people her behind are as a result of pills and not natural, adding that she only used the pills for six months and the results are incredible.

"When I initially used them, I only saw one side of my behind broadening and this affected me in that I was living indoors with my behind covered. I used to battle with the person who introduced me to them; I felt like she had lied to me.

" She later took me back to where we had bought the pills and I was given other pills, which were injected in my behind and they began equalizing. I used to be flat, but now, as you can see, I am heavily loaded," she continued.

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