Prof. George Wajackoyah presidential candidate photo

Presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah says he is ready to clear Kenya’s debts by selling marijuana to foreign countries if elected.  

Talking to comedian Victor Naman, Prof Wajackoyah said that he will legalize marijuana and whose earnings will repay loans the country owes the Chinese.

The contentious politician added that the drug has a high value and can be highly beneficial in Kenya.

 He argued that a bag of marijuana cost up to $3.4 million (an equivalent of Ksh386,512,000), if Kenya exports just 50 of the bags, it will be able to clear all its debts.

“We will legalize bhang for export so that we can pay the Chinese loans. We also allow citizens to use the drug for leisure but with limits.

“I understand that a bag of bhang can cost about $3.4 million. With this amount, we can clear the Chinese loans with just 50 bags,” Prof Wajackoyah said.

The Prof. further pledged to reduce the country’s working days from five to four saying that the move will give everyone ample time to serve their God.

He also pledged to suspend the constitution within six months of getting to the office. Prof Wajackoyah added that will allow Kenyans to choose a constitution that benefits them.

“I’ll reduce the working days to four to allow our Muslim brothers to serve their God the whole day every Friday and Seventh-Day Adventists to serve God on Saturdays and the rest on Sunday,” he said.

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