Stivo simple boy reconciles with his girlfriend Pritty Vishy amid online uproar

Singer Stivo Simple Boy and his girlfriend Purity alias Pritty Vishy photo

Singer Stivo Simple Boy and his girlfriend Purity alias Pritty Vishy reconcile after nasty split. Pritty verified the news herself.

The move comes just three months after the couple called broke up following what she termed as interference by Stivo’s administration.

Pritty said the management was against her disclosing their relationship in public and Stivo could not protect her.

“The management rules him a lot just from his phone, Facebook and even his Youtube channel. After going viral, they have been mean to me, they now dislike me,” she expressed.

“They would delete my number and any photos I had taken with Stevo. We had messed up, but we are back together. It’s very easy for him to be brainwashed, I have had to train him on how to do things. He is a very humble guy,” she added.

Their viral TikTok video presented Pritty to the spotlight defiant to the management’s wish as they did not want to reveal Stivo’s personal life.

In the video which has since been deleted, the couple was seen spending time together while discussing their relationship with Pritty disclosing that they have been together for seven years.

“By the way, do they know how far we have come? We have been together for seven years,” Pritty said.


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