19 years old boy impregnates his 28 years old teacher, he wants to marry her
According to reports, a 19-year-old teenager impregnated his 28-year-old female teacher, who was homeschooling him and his twin sister.

The scared father of the 19-year-old boy posted this amusing yet important issue on the internet.

His adolescent son has also admitted to impregnating his instructor, according to the worried father who shared the incident on a prominent Facebook page (Tell It All).

19 years teenager impregnate his teacher photo

In his report, the father also stated that the female tutor has informed him flat out that she wants to marry his still-in-school kid.

He composed:

"Hello family, I require your help because I'm having a hard time dealing with this situation."

"I have 19-year-old twins (a boy and a girl), and I needed a home teacher for them since I didn't want a male teacher making moves on my daughter, so I chose a 28-year-old female instructor."

"This instructor is excellent and kind to my children. She has made my children addicted to books, and their academic achievement is now excellent. Having her as my children's home teacher makes me extremely pleased. My children are now fluent in both English and French.

"Beloved, after 8 months of teaching my children, the teacher came to tell me that she was 3 months pregnant with my boy, and my son acknowledged the pregnancy as his as well. She claims she loves my son and that I should allow them to marry," the father stated. 

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