' Ala! alienda hivyo ' Joyce Maina reveals how unfaithful dramatical husband cheated on her


Joyce Maina, a YouTuber and actress photo

Joyce Maina, a YouTuber and actress, described how her ex-boyfriend left her alone with his pals before driving away in her car to meet other women.

The actress recalled taking him to The Bomas of Kenya for a performance. She said that while he went backstage, he left her in the presence of his friends.

Joyce revealed that her ex-lover had been gone for longer prompting her to call him.

"I was seeing this man, and he was a dancer, and he was taking me to an event where he would be performing in Bomas, Kenya. 


Joyce Maina, a YouTuber and actress photo


"While he went to business backstage, he left me with his companions, " the actress narrated.

" He had been gone for a long time. I tried calling him, but he didn't answer. I walked out to the spot where we had parked my car and realized it was missing.

" I called him ten times, it wasn't until the tenth call that I observed him driving.  He was in the driver's seat in my car, along with a bunch of other female passengers. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

The unfaithful boyfriend was humiliated to the point of stuttering as he sought to explain himself as stated by Joyce. 

Joyce Maina, a YouTuber and actress photo

Joyce said she took her keys and drove away as he and his entourage of beauties departed, never to see him again.

Joyce added that she will not date again sooner but for now she is still healing.


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