Ameokoka... Eric Omondi returns to Christ at the late Catherine Achayo Mbandu burial


Eric Omondi returns to christ

Comedian Eric Omondi returns to Christ amidst Wife material season 7 fracas.

The move comes after attending the funeral of a pastor's daughter Catherine Achayo Mbandu who died in an accident.

Her funeral service was live on YouTube, and when Eric was giving his honour, he said the late girl's parents enabled him to embark on his church pilgrimage.

"I gave my life to Christ on August 8, 2002, and pastor was an encouragement to me. I served with pastor Rachel in the choir and I taught Cathy in Sunday school still under pastor Rachel and today, in the service when I met the pastor, the man of God something important.

" The man of God said ' You need to rejuvenate, reevaluate and rededicate your life to God and we said bye," he said.

"This day has reminded me of that same day, in 2001 when the pastor did the same to me. I want to promise you that I will serve God," he added. 

" I usually say that God has given me two talents, one is to make people laugh, football and the other gift I can testify that it is to preach the gospel."

The men of God who were present surrounded the comedian as they showed up a prayer for him. On his social media, Eric wrote, "Today as I attended my Pastor's daughter's (Pastor Martin Mbandu) burial in Kitale something magical happened, " he said.

"All the major Bishops in Kenya called on me and spoke very deep and powerful prayers over my life and I said AMEN," he added. 

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