Singer Marya regretting photo

Marya, who performed with Avril on the song "Chokoza," has been missing for years.

Marya revealed she couldn't perform music on her own once her contract with Ogopa DJs was terminated. She said in a recent interview with Mungai Eve.

She attempted to make music on her own but failed miserably.

Singer Marya regretting photo

"I am on a music break since it has not been easy. When I approach people to shoot in their studios, they charge me very expensive and I can't afford it," she said.

Speaking about how she became popular, Marya said Mustapha saw a destiny in her in the music enterprise.

"When I met Mustapha, he took me to Ogopa DJ and that is how I found myself  at Ogopa DJs. My song 'Hey Baby' with Mustapha was the breakthrough song."

She says she acknowledges their assistance and that signing with the record label was a good determination.

Her pact would then expire 5 years later, and at her lowest point, the majority of the people she thought were her colleagues renounced her.

"My problems began after the five-year contract came to an end. I used to believe I had industry friends, but this was not the case, "she narrated.

"It didn't work for me after that. Ogopa did not want to renew our contracts. I tried working on projects but kept hitting the wall. Finances were the main reason. I did not have a manager and it was tough for me to manage myself."

Singer Marya regretting photo

Marya confesses that she did not have a mentor and she was very young but making a lot of money.

"I became famous and got money at a very young age. The worst thing I did not have someone to tell me I need to save or buy land or invest. The next thing is, I'm broke. It was the mistake I did. I was 22 years then. I learnt my lesson."

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