Luo HIV lady infecting 100 men Ruth James Otieno speaks photo

Controversial Ruth James, a Luo lady, has sparked yet another internet uproar by declaring that she will never, ever take antiretroviral medications.

Ruth James acknowledged having HIV, but she will only be treated with antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) at Viusasa.

"I understand that I have HIV, but I refuse to take any medication." She penned

Luo HIV lady infecting 100 men Ruth James Otieno speaks photo

Last year, Ruth James sparked outrage among Kenyans from all walks of life when she threatened to expose the names of males she had infected with HIV/AIDS on her Facebook page.

The enraged Luo lady thought it was past time for her to publicize the names of the HIV-positive males she had infected so that Kenyan women would be aware of them ahead of time.

“I want to expose everyone I have given HIV,” posted Ruth.

To cause more frustrations, Ruth James revealed that around 100 men had slept with her using zero protection and that she would parade their names for Kenyans to see.

“Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa thoo gi stress,” she posted in her local dialect. (You are joking with me. 100 men on Facebook are so stressed up and will die soon.)

Ruth James comment on HIV

Ruth has now sworn not to use ARVs in the future. These remarks, however, did not sit well with the majority of her Facebook fans, who held opposing viewpoints. Following are some of her fans' sentiments:

"Ruth James, you need to see a therapist." Take treatment for the sake of the tiny Angel that God has given you, na utakuwa sawa swee don't give up."

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