Chimano, a member of the Sauti Sol band

Chimano, a member of the Sauti Sol band, has stated that he is not ready to have children, but has hinted that he is not ruling out the option of having a child in the future.

The musician said he envies Lil Nas X's pregnancy and thinks to follow the same routes.

The musician was at a Sauti Sol event, where he frankly revealed why he loves children and displayed his affinity for them.

The singer revealed in an interview with Mpasho Live that he is not currently in a position to bear children.

Chimano, a member of the Sauti Sol band

"Do you want to have children someday?" the interviewer inquired.

After a little pause, the vocalist responded:

"I'll see what happens. When I'm in a scenario that allows it, I'll do it, but not right now. I'm still developing. I don't consider having children to be a badge of honour that I should wear proudly because having a child is a burden. It is something that will occur if it is ever to occur."

" Having a child, Chimano, is a duty that should not be taken lightly because it necessitates joint effort from both partners," he added.

Chimano, a member of the Sauti Sol band

When asked if he will continue to arrange events despite the cancellation of the previous two, Chimano replied he is going back to the drawing board to find out what to do next.

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