Lobby group launches mwanasiasa.com, interactive portal for 2022 political aspirants
Mwanasiasa has established an interactive webpage that will allow Kenyans to learn more about and communicate with their regional political hopefuls for 2022.

The website contains extensive information on each candidate, including their biography, accomplishments, and future goals. 

Mwanasiasa.com aspirants portal for politicians

Mwanasiasa will hold statewide town hall events, in addition to the website, to allow citizens to ask questions directly to the hopefuls.

The platform was created to "increase access to public information, enable Kenyan residents to make educated voting decisions, and promote democratic principles," according to a message posted on the company's website. 

"During elections, we want to ensure that all political candidates have an equal playing field."

Kenyans who have access to the internet can now access this website to learn more about their elected politicians.

The platform is Kenya's first of its kind, and it will play an important role in promoting accountability and openness during the 2022 elections.

Mwanasiasa.com aspirants portal for politicians

The creators hope that this will usher in a new era in which information on political candidates is easily available online, allowing voters to make well-informed choices.

Mwanasiasa.com is a website that provides information on Mwanasiasa.
Mwanasiasa.com is a non-partisan online platform that allows Kenyans to learn about and communicate with their regional political hopefuls for the year 2022.

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