Mimi ndio mke wa Raila, Ida Odinga heckled at a Meru Church event
Ida Odinga Heckled in Meru in a church event

Mama Ida Odinga, Raila Odinga's wife, was humiliated in Meru County on Saturday when a hostile crowd heckled her during a Catholic Church Women's event where she was the featured guest.

The audience began heckling Mama Ida as soon as she took the stage. She attempted to persuade the crowd, but her pleadings were resisted.

"My name is Ida Odinga, and I am the Rt Hon Raila Odinga's wife..." Despite boos from some in the audience, Mama Ida continued, "I am also a lady like you."

Ida Odinga Heckled in Meru in a church event

Attempts by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and the event's MC to calm the audience were also futile, as the crowd continued to heckle.

In a tweet following the ceremony, Mama Ida avoided addressing the drama, instead of concentrating on the religious significance of the occasion.

" The Catholic Women Association's particular observance of the Annunciation in Meru County was a day of thought and prayer. 

"I have and will always cling on to faith, which has served as a constant compass throughout my life," she wrote.

Narc- Kenya's Martha Karua, in response to the event, said it was entirely inappropriate and that it was manufactured for political reasons.

Ida Odinga Heckled in Meru in a church event

She advised Kenyans to be susceptible and welcoming of all leaders, nevertheless their political leanings, and to not be used by politicians.

" What happened at the Meru CWA dinner was uncalled for, especially given that Ida Odinga must have been invited as a guest by the women's leadership. 

"Why would you want to greet someone only to have them heckled or booed? Most likely, it was a manufactured event planned exclusively for the sake of political zoning, which is incorrect.

"Intimidation and thuggery must be rejected, and everyone must be free to express their opinions." 

" The right of women to refuse to be exploited must be exercised. In part, Karua's message said, "Listen to everyone and then vote your conscience."

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