My husband loves to dig inside, Esther Musila describes Guardian Angel
Esther Musila married to Guardian Angel photo

Esther Musila, however, who is married to Guardian Angel, has gone viral after revealing her husband's secrets.

Her husband, she claims, enjoys digging into her meals.

"This is something my hubby enjoys doing with my food." Esther remarked.

Guardian Angel is seen scooping her meal with a lot of love in a shot she shared on Instagram.

Esther Musila married to Guardian Angel photo

Esther and Guardian Angel recently married in a glitzy ceremony heeded by only a few people.

The two have exemplified true love and served as role models for others. 

This is due to Guardian Angel's decision to marry her despite their 20-year age difference.

She has been subjected to public trolls as a result of her age, but she seems unconcerned.

Esther Musila married to Guardian Angel photo

As a result of a prior broken relationship, Esther Musila has three adult children. Gilda Naibei and her two boys gave their approval to her wedding.

The two are in love, and Esther took to Instagram yesterday to warn others who are mocking her for her age to let her enjoy herself.

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