S£x workers suspend services to Bodaboda riders across the coast region
Mombasa Sx workers ready to deny BodaBoda services photo

S£x workers from Mombasa County and Kilifi County have joined Kenyans in condemning harassment claims against a female driver in Nairobi on Friday.

Through its Executive Director Maryline Laini, Nkoko Injuu Africa, a CBO that supports the rights of s£x workers, declared openly that its members will not supply s£xual services to bodaboda riders for the whole of next week in solidarity with the female motorist.

"These are our clients, but from today, no registered worker in this region will provide the bodily services to any bodaboda rider." 

"If a member is found with a bodaboda customer during that time, she would be deregistered," Laini said.

Mombasa Sx workers ready to deny BodaBoda services photo

Laini went on to say that denial of s£xual services to boda boda riders was one way of seeking justice for women who are assaulted in public settings.

"We know this is where we acquire our basic requirements and fend for our families," Laini added, "but we're willing to go hungry for this type of brutality to stop."

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