Top YouTubers Rama Oluoch and Shiko Nguru to reconcile, ready to start new youtube channel


Rama Oluoch and Shiko Nguru old family youtubers in Kenya photo
Rama Oluoch and Shiko Nguru old family youtubers in Kenya

Rama Oluoch, also known as Ramzzy on social media, has detailed why their family YouTube channel was taken down, as he discussed his divorce from Shiko Nguru.

Ramzzy and Shiko were among Kenya's first YouTubers, and their channel, The Green Calabash, included lifestyle content.

They revealed details about their personal life, including taping their youngest son's home birth, a procedure that is gaining favour around the world due to its benefits for both the mother and the kid.

The channel had 14 million views and was only 15,000 subscribers away from earning a YouTube plaque when it was taken down.

"It wasn't an easy decision since, as one of the first couples on YouTube, we wanted to conclude it with a silver plaque, but it would have been difficult because we hadn't submitted material in almost two years," Ramzzy stated over the phone.

Ramzzy also stated in a separate interview with KTN's Nailantei Kenga, who presents the Art of Living show, that he wants his children to grow up without their right to privacy being violated.

"Now that my kids are at the age where they are starting school, I just felt like it would be wonderful to offer them the privacy of how they integrate into that life."

"As a result, we had to remove a lot of the content."

Kids grow up and change, therefore I'd like for them to have the opportunity to mix into society without the strain and expectation of being Rama's son or daughter," he said.

The clip producer, who relocated from Nairobi to Malindi during the pandemic, also stated that he is considering returning to YouTube and will be promoting other locations in Kenya.

"When I first came here, I realized I didn't know where to eat, where to go, or what to do... My platform is a gap in tourism, especially for these sides...

"As a result, I devised a directory, akin to the yellow pages for modern travellers," he added.

Rama and Shiko recently announced their separation after more than five years of marriage.


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