[VIDEO] Kinuthia opens up on gender, says he is single and not dating
Tiktok star Kelvin Kinuthia photo

The content creator and Tiktok star Kelvin Kinuthia denies dating a politician insisting to be single.

Speaking on a hot never have I ever game with his closest pal Sam, on his YouTube channel last month, Kinuthia contended that there was no politician with no relationship instead claimed to be single.

Sam read an announcement from a card he picked.

"Never have I ever hooked up with a politician," Kinuthia said.

 "I have ni vile alikuwa na umama (they were very immature)."

While speaking to Radio Jambo's Massawe Japanni, Kinuthia said people misinterpreted.

"I am single currently. People misinterpreted me from that video. I am not dating any politician," Kinuthia added.

Inquired to talk about what people do not know about Kinuthia,  the Tiktok star said;

"The only thing people don't know is my gender and I will address it later."

Massawe challenged Kinuthia to address the presence of a Kenyan flag and an LGBTQ flag on his social media.

Kinuthia explained that supporting the community is not bad.

"It is not an issue but I am not comfortable speaking about my sexuality yet," Kinuthia said.


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  1. I like it the story of himself she is beautiful


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