Thee Pluto with City lawmaker Wangui Ng'ang'a photo

City lawmaker Wangui Ng'ang'a has 'given' content creator Thee Pluto Sh 1 million for being a friend and cutting down his long hair.

Pluto was given money during an interview as a reward for his decision to chop off his dreadlocks.

According to Wangui, she wanted to rebrand Thee Pluto so that elderly people would have more faith in him.

"I was joking when I challenged him to shave his head. But one thing is certain: I didn't like his hairstyle before, but he looks great now "she stated.

Wangui, who is running for Nairobi Woman Representative, was questioned about why she did not use the funds to fund her political efforts instead.

Thee Pluto with City lawmaker Wangui Ng'ang'a photo

"There are more essential things in life, and you must prioritise your well-being and that of those closest to you. The political budget is in place; this is a friendship issue "she started.

To engage with business clientele, the ' street sanitizer ' stated that he also feels the need to seem more respectable.

Due to their public appearances, the two have been rumoured to be in a romantic connection.

Thee Pluto with City lawmaker Wangui Ng'ang'a photo

Because Wangui is older than Pluto, content producer Andrew Kibe has chastised the two for their relationship.'

"Allow Andrew Kibe, a failed adult, to compete with his peers his age. How can someone who has experienced a failed relationship advise you on how to maintain yours?" the content creator said. 

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