Diana Marua, Bahati and NImo animosity resolved

 Diana Marua, a content creator and musician, has spoken out about her feud with Mr Seed's wife, Nimo.

Diana confessed their attacks in a subsequent interview, stating they were not adult enough even to manage difficulties at the time.

"You've seen Mr Seed's wife, Nimo is here, and as I previously stated, people make errors, and you don't always have to confess and forgive." "Life teaches us things in a variety of ways," Diana explained.

Diana confirmed that she and Nimo are back on excellent terms.


Diana Marua and NImo animosity resolved

"I don't have anything against her... She stated, "There was a moment when stuff was going on in my life and she phoned me and I picked up the phone and she said hello and we spoke."

Diana and Nimo met in 2018 at a New Year's party, when Diana reportedly abused him despite the fact that she was pregnant at the time.

Mr Seed's wife reportedly wanted to offer coffee and tea at the event, but Diana was against the notion and preferred to run her own company.

Nimo, on the other hand, would not back down, insisting on owning the concept of forcing Diana to call the cops on her and perhaps evict her.


Diana Marua and NImo animosity resolved

In a December 2021 question and answer session, the mother of one stated that she'd never pardon Diana, but that she does not harbor a vengeance against her.

"They will never be forgiven or forgotten by me." Nimo stated, "It's been two years bila kuongeleshana na sidhani nitawai." 


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