Frida Kajala

Harmonize, a Tanzanian singer, is proven to be needy after purchasing a new Ranger rover for his ex-girlfriend Kajala in the hopes that she will accept him back.

Harmonize says he chose that model because it is Kajala's dream car, and he shared a video of it on social media.

He does note, though, that the car isn't a "bribe," but rather a symbol of his repentance.

Frida Kajala

"Even if it was a Kajala 1-10, it wouldn't be enough to erase the pain I caused you and your family. It won't change everything we went through, and it won't be enough of a cause for you to contact me.

This simply serves to demonstrate how sorry I am; all I ask is for your forgiveness."

He explained, "You are a God-fearing woman, Frida, and you understand that no one is perfect. Because you know me better, you will not be coming to establish a relationship. Please return.

"Do not forget that, like you, I am the child of a poor father. I have destitute uncles, aunts, and brothers who would bury me if I died.

"But I selected you, and with this symbol, I simply want you to know that I adore you."

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