How to confirm SIM details, update registration using safaricom link online
Safaricom SIM card registration link online login

Safaricom has supplied a link where you may verify your sim information and register. Before receiving a code on your personal number, the link requires you to enter your phone number. 

A notification appears after you enter the code on the internet, confirming whether or not your line has been registered. You can also make changes to your information. 

To double-check your information, go to the Safaricom website;

Safaricom SIM card registration link online login

Kenyans will be turned off if they do not register and update their sim card details by April 15, 2022, according to a confirmation message from Safaricom Communications Authority Director-General Ezra Chiloba.

"The telecoms will turn you off if you don't do that (register). Looking at the scenario across the country, the compliance rate is dismal, implying that the hazards are significantly greater "he started.

Safaricom SIM card registration link online login

Long lines have been witnessed in Safaricom stores around the country as Kenyans seek to meet today's deadline.

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