Safaricom PLC. How to use Safaricom Jiandikishe App to register new lines

Safaricom PLC is a Kenyan mobile network service provider that works in the cellular market. Its headquarters are in Westlands, Nairobi, however, its use may be traced both within and outside the country. 

With 35.6 million clients, this service provider controlled 64.5 Percent of Kenya's economy by 2020.

M-Pesa is one of the company's most successful technologies, as it allows members to send money from anywhere in the world. 

Safaricom also offers other services such as Fuliza, M-shwari, Digifarm, and Masoko in addition to M-Pesa.

Safaricom has a registration platform named Safaricom Jiandikishe App that it uses to expand its market. This software makes sure user registration is completed in the quickest time possible.

Download the Jiandikishe app from Safaricom.

  • Go to the Google Play Store to get started.
  • In the search field, type 'Safaricom jiandikishe'.
  • Install is a simple process.
  • The software will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Start the app.

You can log in by entering your phone number and pin after you've launched the app. This pin was given to you during the authentication of your Safaricom agent account.

For new users, below is Safaricom Jiandikishe step by step

  • Select 'Enter details' from the drop-down menu.
  • Under Kenyan, select the adult option.
  • As the document type, choose ID.
  • Scan the back of the ID, and all of the new user's information will be collected.
  • Put your current location in the box.
  • Include a clear snapshot of the client.
  • Select a number from the list that appears.
  • Depending on whether the chosen number has been linked for M-Pesa services, click yes or no under register for M-Pesa.
  • Request that the new subscriber signs their name, as well as your own, and then click submit.
  • A notification will be sent to the subscriber asking them to accept the new registration. They have the option of responding with a yes or no.
  • When the subscriber selects yes, the subscriber can enter the Safaricom line.


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