Sarah Kabu divorces her husband Simon Kabu over infedilty
Sarah Kabu has revealed that her and Simon Kabu's marriage is over. Tina Lewis's The Voice Of EA (East Africa)' is a YouTube show where Sarah spoke.

She stated they've had problems for the past ten years and that her new year's plan for 2022 is to have a peaceful separation and co-parenting. She still believes in marriage and that it is a lovely thing, although it never worked out for her as part of a prominent couple that young couples idolised.

"Contrary to popular opinion, I've known for a long time about Simon's daughter with another woman and his son with another woman. He's always been there for them," she stated.

Sarah alleged in a series of leaked WhatsApp status postings that her husband was forcibly taking her children away from her.
Sarah Kabu divorces her husband Simon Kabu over infedilty

"I was thinking in my new year resolution, 'Do I need to live another year and numerous years like this?' But I started talking to him about a peaceful divorce and co-parenting.

"One of the things that worried me a lot was that I didn't want my divorce to inspire other couples to divorce. So that was something I was conscious of."

Sarah went on to say that they have been through many ups and downs in the ten years since they married. As a result, this was not the first event, nor was she heard about the daughter for the first time.

"We're having a terrific time. He has, without a doubt, harmed me. When this incident occurred, it's possible that some news made its way onto the internet at an inopportune time, when we were dealing with an incident in which I was distressed. People assumed that this was the first time tuna kosana had appeared and that this was the first instance; perhaps this is the first time I've heard about the daughter. We've had problems for over a decade."

"Don't marry a man with the expectation that he will change. We can't change some aspects of our personalities that we are born with. As a result, research a person's personality. Investigate the benefits and drawbacks of marrying the personality. Of course, there isn't a Mr. or a Mrs. right."

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