Ni bwege tu, How Maria Atwoli dumped her boyfriend over a minor traffic offence
Francis Atwoli daughter Maria photos

Maria Atwoli, the daughter of Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) head Francis Atwoli, recalls dumping an ex after he requested her to phone her father after they were detained by traffic cops.

Francis Atwoli daughter Maria photos

The law graduate said she thought it was silly, but she was enraged when the man demanded that she tell the officers who her father was. She expressed herself as follows:

"I only remember one minor reason why I dumped someone...

Instead of ajitete kama mwanaume na Tumeshikwa na Traffic officers ajitete kama mwanaume akasema Tell them who your father is, Babe.... I've never felt so enraged in my life."

Francis Atwoli daughter Maria photos

Her ex-desire boyfriend's to implicate her father in the wrongdoing did not sit well with her.

Her supporters questioned whether it was truly "unmanly" when all it took was a phone call from her father to put an end to it.

Some of her supporters said they would have done the same thing and advised her to contact the Secretary-General of the COTU.

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