Nilikulwa na Mubaba, Pritty Vishy shocks her ex-boyfriend Stivo boy after dating old man


Pritty Vishy, the ex-lover of singer Stivo Simple Boy photo

 Pritty Vishy, the ex-lover of singer Stivo Simple Boy, has admitted to infidelity and cheating on him with an older guy.

Vishy admitted to the public that she had been unfaithful on many occasions.

'Alikua anajua you cheated on him na sponyo ama saa hii ndio atajua (Was he aware of your infidelity or is this the first time he has heard about it)?'

'Saa hizi ndio atajua,' says the narrator. Vishy was the one who answered.

Vishy alleges the man with whom she cheated is a famous person who would lavish her with attention.

'Even the person is well-known.' Kidogo, si kila kitu, Alikua ananispoil.'

She insists she is not guilty and has no regrets about her behaviour.

There's no space for regrets, ya nini, kama ishahappen, ishahappen. 'Kaende kaende, ni kusonga kusonga.' (Why would I do that? I'm unable to stop it if it happens.) "Life moves on," she explained.

Pritty Vishy rose to prominence after revealing that Stivo Simple Boy was being harassed by the management under whom he was signed.

After a few months of dating, the two broke up, and Vishy has been making headlines ever since.

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