[VIDEO] I will not introduce to you my baby day, Amber Ray tell critics


Amber Ray and her baby daddy photo

Amber Ray, a social media star, businesswoman, and self-proclaimed drama queen, has always kept Kenyans guessing about the paternity of her lovely 11-year-old baby boy.

Given that half of her life is constantly in the limelight, Kenyans have always been killed by a desire to learn more about her baby daddy, such as if he is a notable figure, whether he is married or not, and so on.

Simply people want to know who this person was that Kamba's finest was so enamoured with that she was paged, and why they didn't work out. Or was it just a fling?

Amber Ray husband after divorcing Jimal Roho safi

Amber shattered 'coffee' hopes in a recent interview with a local station, although she did say that she would never expose her baby daddy to us.

" "He's not part of my life anymore... but he's part of my sons life, which I really respect. If they decide to introduce themselves to the world as father and son, I'm okay with it. Not me though...he's no longer part of my life so I don't have to introduce him." Amber said.


So we wait, hoping Gavin will turn 18 and introduce us to his father, or for the guy to publicly recognise his kid.

Either that, or simply leave the past be the past and see who Amber's next bae is, or if the future musician ever settles down.


Amber Ray husband after divorcing Jimal Roho safi

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