Congolese Pastor Zagabe Chiluza with jos four virgin wives

After marrying four virgins in a spectacular wedding in eastern Congo, a Congolese priest is trending online.

Pastor Zagabe Chiluza is said to have married the first wife before marrying the other four, stating that he learned about polygamy from the Bible, citing Jacob's four wives as an example.

The man of God urged others to pursue polygamy, claiming that his church's men only marry virgins.

According to AfriMax English, the man always provides Bible verses to indicate polygamy is not a sin. "I already have one wife, and today I'm marrying these four." On his wedding day, he stated, "They will join the first wife."

The idea of marrying several women, he maintained, came from the Bible.

"Leah and Rachel were Jacob's first wives, followed by Bilha and Zilpa...four women for one guy," he explained. Zagabe claimed to have been rescued in 1986, and while speaking to the guests at the wedding, he added, "I'm pleased to have five wives."

Zagabe Chiluza's four wives, according to online sources, were all virgins when he married them in his church in eastern Congo lately.

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