Mungai Eve, a digital content creator with boyfriend Director Trevor

Mungai Eve, a digital content maker, has addressed the pregnancy speculations that have been circulating.

Mungai Eve spoke out about the issue during an Odibets CSR function in Umoja. The vlogger has stated that she is not pregnant and has no plans to become pregnant shortly.

She also stated that she was not under a push to have kids and that she is now concentrating on her profession. Eve went on to say that her boyfriend, Director Trevor, knows her and does not press her for kids.

Eve and Trevor have been seeing for quite a while time, and she recently mentioned that they are planning a traditional marriage ceremony.

The two shared a photo at Mungai Eve's parents' house a few days ago, sparking rumours that they are being Married.

Mungai Eve, a digital content creator with boyfriend Director Trevor

She declined to say anything about what else they did on their vacation, proving the notion to be false.

Mungai Eve has carved up a niche for herself on the internet by chatting with a variety of people, and her Youtube account now has over 500 000 subscribers.

Her internet presence, on the other hand, has sparked debate. Mungai and Trevor, for example, went online a few weeks ago to share images of their vacation while marketing Bonfire Adventures. While some admirers were enthralled by the candid photographs of the two, others were preoccupied with the must-haves.

The content producer seems to have been at odds with Andrew Kibe, another provider. Kibe had chastised Eve and Trevor's engagement and predicted their downfall, and the couple couldn't allow him to get away with it.

Mungai Eve, a digital content creator with boyfriend Director Trevor

Eve launched attack shots at Kibe right away, stating she couldn't grasp how, at his age, he had the time to criticize new and upcoming stars in the field.

Eve said, "For a divorced man (Kibe) to have the nerve to lecture me on how relationships should work when he is not in any working relationship is extremely cruel, and he has no right to provide such unwarranted advice."

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