Mwai Kibaki Junior, the grandson of Kenya's late third president photo

Mwai Kibaki Junior, the grandson of Kenya's late third president, has responded to Raila Odinga's choice of Martha Karua as his running mate from the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

After the August elections, Raila's momentous pick announced on Monday, May 16, could give Kenya its first female vice president.

Junior stated that the revelation of Raila and Karua teamed up under the Azimio La Umoja Alliance was disruptive cooperation.

Junior did not make his political views public, but he made it clear that he considered Raila and Karua might be dangerous opponents.

Junior posted a declaration photo on his Instagram account with the caption:


Interestingly, the two were instrumental in Kibaki's election to the presidency in 2002.

Karua and Raila were members of the National Rainbow Coalition, which succeeded in deposing Daniel Moi after more than a couple of decades in power.

The pair fought for Kibaki's presidency after he was involved in an accident while rallying support.

While Junior praised Azimio's roster, his brother Sean Andrew announced his return to social media. Andrew had stated that he will be inactive for a while following Kibaki's death.

Andrew released a video of himself swinging at an unspecified place three days ago.

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