Freshi Barida stivo simple boy slogans

Stivo Simple Boy's management, MIB, has filed a trademark application for the musician's viral Freshi Barida catchphrase.

This follows the adoption of the word by netizens, some business people, and corporations to either sell their products or have fun on social media.

In the musician's best interests, the administration decided to copyright the tagline.

"He is now the owner of Freshi Barida theme, there are just a few things we are finalising with the MIB lawyer, and then have a presser about it because some products are coming under the slogan that's supposed to be owned by him. 

Freshi Barida stivo simple boy slogans

" We were just waiting for some confirmation that was just an update. We just wanted to warn companies that are misusing the name," said his new administration.

The creative commons update was uploaded on social media by Simple Boy, but it was quickly removed.

"We deleted the post because the fans don't take it the same way, they think that you are even trying to limit them from singing Freshi Barida. 

" We just pulled the poster down because it was not meant for fans but to companies that may want to reach Stivo for advertisement," they added.

Stivo had so much pleasure while shooting in Mombasa a few weeks ago that he coined the term Freshi Barida.

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