Why Pritty Vishy was dumped by Freshi Barida hitmaker Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy, Kibera's finest reveals why he dumped Pritty Vishy

Stivo Simple Boy, Kibera's greatest, is currently the buzz of the city since after he has rebranded himself, his new 'Freshi Barida' hit, and his Freshi Barida apparel chain.

As much as fans want to dwell on his talent, there are personal concerns that accompany the 'Mihadarati' musician.

He ended things with Pritty Vishy, a forthcoming socialite, and the two were involved in an unpleasant Instagram feud. While Vishy failed to win him back, he was completely gone.

Stivo admitted that he had moved on and was searching for somebody with attributes that his former Vishy missed in a television interview with Kalondu Musyimi.

Stivo Simple Boy, Kibera's finest reveals why he dumped Pritty Vishy

"I am not seeking beauty or cosmetics." I prefer a modest woman with great character who is also faithful. "I'm ready to start a family, but only with the appropriate person," Steve explained.

Stivo stated that he is no longer interested to his curvaceous ex, claiming that she is not his type.

"I'm no longer attracted to her." We ended our relationship due of her terrible manners. She was untrustworthy and had a bad attitude. "She's not my type now."

He claims that one of the grounds the two parted ways was so that Vishy was not always respectful, and that she would rather take their problems online than talk about them and solve them graciously.

Stivo's relationship was on the rocks after appeared online with Mombasa based artist Adasa.

"I need to be clear about something. I'm not dating Adasa and never have been. We were only planning a collaboration."

Stivo Simple Boy, Kibera's finest reveals why he dumped Pritty Vishy

When questioned about Vishy's assertions that her bride price is approximately Sh2 million, Stivo told his ex to constantly seek popularity and laughed off the figure.

"Which man owns that much money?" He may possess stuff, but a woman is judged by her actions. Let us focus on love rather than money. I can tell if a woman cares about the money simply by looking at her."

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