James Juma, 45 was attacked by women in Mombasa

James Juma, 45, was brutally attacked by locals in Mombasa for purportedly stripping down a woman in a supermarket.

According to a local resident who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, the woman who worked as a store assistant asked the man to pay for the items he had taken from the shelves, but he instead rushed to her and began to kick and punch her.

Well-known businessman Juma, who wasn't afraid to say what he thought, defended himself by saying that the woman had insulted him, which made him lose it.
The accused person was saved by police officers who were manning Equity Bank, according to the assistant county commissioner who provided details.
The suspect was taken to Likoni police station, where he is currently being held in anticipation of being taken to court once the investigation is complete.

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